Using "CUHK User Management" tool to manually manage users in your original course


With CUHK User Management tool, Instructors and TA/Support Staff can:

  1. Enroll Users
  2. Remove Users
  3. Change User Role
  4. Change User Availability


  1. On the Control Panel, expand Course Tools, and select CUHK User Management.
  2. Enroll Users: Check the user list on this page and make sure the users are not on the list. Then, click Enroll User and input Staff/Student IDs to add (a) students, (b) instructors and/or (c) TA/Support Staff to your course site.
  3. Remove Users: Select users. Click Remove Users from Course to remove users from your course. 
    • When you remove users from a course, the system will delete all relevant user data. 
    • You cannot remove users added according to CUSIS information from a Blackboard course site. Update “Available” to “No” using the “Pen” icon to stop the user(s) from accessing the Blackboard course site.
  4. Change User Role / Availability: Click “Pen” icon to edit the user’s role and availability if needed.

Additional reminder:

  • If you see “The following users cannot be saved” when you enroll users: The users are already enrolled in the course. Please check the user list on “CUHK User Management” page.
  • Changes made under Blackboard CUHK User Management Tool will NOT synchronize with / update by CUSIS (e.g., You have enrolled a student in your Blackboard Course during Add/Drop period, the student will still be there even s/he has dropped the course on CUSIS).
  • You are always welcome to submit your requests to ITSC Service Desk (Instructions), especially when you need to add over 10 users to your course site(s). Please make use of this template for batch enrollment.